What is Levernet?

The current situation in Colombia for entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs is not encouraging, only 30% manage to spend their first 5 years, which is why they face the great challenge of not only starting but also making their company sustainable. This is the reason why Levernet was born, as a program that seeks to provide the necessary and sufficient tools for a project or idea to become a thriving company.

Levernet components

What is each component? 

Our support is based on a management model leveraged in the approach and management attention of those who run the companies.

  • Identification of bottlenecks.

  • Creation of project plan.

  • Accompaniment in the execution of the project.

We know that as an entrepreneur you require specialized services. With our allies you receive a discount of 30% to 50% with each of them.

Receive training material for a master's degree in each of the indicated topics, with break-up solutions that will support decision making in your company.

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