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In order to close the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge, we develop workshops that are easily applied by the attendees.

Our theme describes the problem to be solved, the focused way of solving it and the steps that must be followed for it. Both the logical elements and the practical tools are described so that attendees can intervene their reality and obtain high-impact results in the short term.

We focus on turning a company into a knowledge and results machine capable of acquiring skills that lead them to develop focused improvement processes.

What is the process of a training?

Why change?

What facts of reality move the system or me from better results.

What to change?

What are the elements and how do they interact to identify the root cause that should be replaced.

Where to change?

What actions should be taken and what are the consequences (positive and potential) of that change to achieve the best possible impact.

Learning must:


Processes and tools adapted to each company.

Solve a problem

By focusing actions on the root cause.


The methodology taught must be replicable.

Adapt to DNA

Synergy must be generated between the proposal and the structure of the company.

Develop skills

By applying a focused improvement method.

Have visible and measurable impact

Through the review of established KPI’s.

How do we do it?

Comprehensive diagnosis

We find the limiting factors both physical and logical.
Suggest content
The list of suggested tools will be strategically selected to have the greatest impact on the organization.
Estimate expected impact on KPIs.
The appropriate indicators are defined to identify the progress in the selected processes and the impact they should have once the learning is finished.
Perform Knowledge Transfer
  • Develop content: University Operational Excellence.
  • Create implementation plan.
Track and control
Each month, a report on the progress in the indicators is generated and possible adjustments are evaluated.
Unlimited support
Unlimited remote support will be provided, helping to solve possible doubts that arise in the execution or implementation.



 We have designed open spaces so that on specific dates attendees from various organizations can acquire or update knowledge in a particular subject.

In House Workshops

The reality of each company or system is its own. Its human and cultural factors are particular. In House workshops are to understand these situations of organizations and define together the issues to be addressed and the improvement project for the company. This implies that the proposed solutions must be understood and evaluated under those unique conditions.

Focused programs

These programs are designed so that attendees can apply the knowledge acquired in a defined system or subsystem. They are practical and have the tools, cases and steps necessary to achieve significant results.

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