What is it?

Starting from the knowledge of the reality of each company, we provide support and accompaniment to the leader of the organizational change. We guide you so that you can sell the improvement project within the management group and what can delay your paradigms to achieve significant changes in the way you operate. These changes are visible in positive results for the organization, and in personal motivation and open to learning and focused improvement.


The system to analyze, both physical and logical aspects. 


The existing potential, through evidence of bottlenecks.

to adapt

The tools available for the needs of the company.

Perform Proof of Concept

Validating the points to intervene in the system.


Projects to disseminate the new forms of operation of the organization.

Expected results

In a production environment

Increase in production capacity; inventory reduction in process; reduction of finished inventory; shorter delivery time.

In a distribution environment

Reduction of inventory levels; increased availability; Sales increase; increase in cash flow; Increase in inventory turnover (rounds).

In retail

Reduction of exhausted; inventory reduction; increase in customer satisfaction; reduction of obsolete; Higher profitability per square meter.

In projects

Increase in project delivery speed; increase in operating capacity with the same resources; improvement in the work environment; reduction of conflicts between the areas; greater management focus on the problems or potential problems of the project; greater profitability of the projects; reduction of contingencies and recovery plans.

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